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Alternatives To Epilating

Shaving vs. Epilating

The cost involved: The initial cost in terms of buying a razor is generally low but it gets high down the line because the recurring cost is usually high.

The pain involved: It is generally a painless process but you need to be extra careful while using the same because the sharp blades can harm your skin anytime during use

Lasting effect: The effect is short-lasting and depending upon the body’s hair regeneration capacity, it can range between 1 to 3 days.

The hair Type:Helps you to remove any stubble short hair.

The flexibility of usage and portability: It is advisable to be used in wet conditions, i.e. it would be better to use with any shaving foam, moisturizer, or even under running water. For the aspect of portability, it can be easily carried anywhere in a small pouch.

Waxing vs. Epilating

The cost involved: The cost of the items required for the process is not high, but you require more than one item to start the entire process.

The pain involved: It is considered to be one of the most painful processes if not done in the correct way. Initially, it generates much discomfort but people tend to get used to it over time. For women who have sensitive skin, they are often advised not to follow this process.

Lasting effect:The effect lasts longer as compared to shaving and it generally lasts up to 8 weeks.

Hair Type:Easily removes hair between 2mm to 12mm.

The flexibility of usage and portability: In terms of the flexibility of usage, you need a proper setup to use all the items required for the process and it cannot be done anywhere. Regarding the aspect of portability, since there are quite a few items involved, it is difficult to carry whenever and wherever required.

Which is better IPL or epilator?

You may have a couple of reasons for using an epilator for hair removal. However, an IPL hair removal device comes with a few advantages. You can experience the difference in pain, noise, regrowth, ingrown hair, and frequency. Unlike epilators, IPL hair removal tools do not remove a single hair from your body. Thus, you can remove your hair without going through intense pain. Similarly, IPL hair remover tools do not make a lot of noise, either.

Users have also noticed that epilators do not prevent regrowth. It means you would have to repeat the process quite frequently. However, when shifting to an IPL hair remover, you can worry less about regrowth and frequent treatments. You can also notice some changes when it comes to irritation, swelling, bumps. In short, an IPL is the better option than using an epilator.

Why Epilate?

The cost involved: The initial investment cost is generally high but has a low recurring cost.

The pain involved: Likewise the waxing process it is generally painful but with the advancement in technology, the new range of epilators in the market today come with various external attachments and speed control mechanisms to reduce the pain caused. Special attachments are there which are specially meant for using the device on sensitive skins

The lasting effect: The effect is long-lasting and again like waxing, depending upon the body’s hair regeneration capacity, it can range anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks.

Hair Type: It removes hair till 0.5mm in length

The flexibility of usage and portability: The epilators come with both the option of using in wet and dry conditions. There are corded epilators as well as cordless ones. It has better flexibility in terms of usage is definitely provided by the cordless ones but however, you need to check the battery backup aspect. In terms of the portability factor of carrying the device – most of the devices come with their own pouch in which the device can be easily carried.

Now when comparing the attributes of the above three methods – the process of epilation definitely stands out. Not only is the process quick like shaving but it is equally if not more effectual than waxing. The process indeed is painful but with so many varieties of attachments that come with the device and also with the speed control mechanisms, it is no longer that painful method.

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10 Best Epilators For Women in [year] - Reviews & Ratings - Reviewster (2024)
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