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Looking for Canada Day food ideas? This recipe roundup features 30+ recipes ranging from fun red and white foods to classic Canadian dishes. Everything you need to celebrate a delicious Canada Day on July 1st.

30+ Canada Day Recipes | Maple + Mango (1)

No Canada Day celebration is complete without some tasty eats! I have compiled 30+ delicious recipes below that are perfect for celebrating Canada Day.

Looking for fun red and white foods? You got it! Signature iconic Canadian dishes? No problem! Or perhaps something to throw on the grill? Got a few ideas for that as well! Everything you need for a delicious Canada Day celebration!

What are some signature Canadian dishes?

Canada is a huge country with many iconic dishes varying by region. Some popular Canadian dishes include: poutine, Nanaimo bars, butter tarts, bannock, tourtiere, Montreal smoked meat, Caesar co*cktail, peameal bacon sandwiches (aka Canadian bacon), Saskatoon berry pie, Halifax donair, maple taffy (or anything maple syrup!) and so much more!

What do Canadians eat on Canada Day?

It varies from person to person! Many people fire up the grill for a Canada Day BBQ or head out on a picnic. Some like to include some fun red and white themed foods or maple leaf shaped foods on their menu. Other people like to serve up some classic Canadian dishes.

Regardless of your Canada Day plans, you will find something below. This roundup mainly focuses on red and white recipes and signature Canadian dishes (with a few delicious things to throw on the grill as well!). Let’s dive into all the delicious food ideas now!

Breakfast and Brunch

Looking to start the festivities early? Here are a few breakfast and brunch ideas ranging from healthy to indulgent.

30+ Canada Day Recipes | Maple + Mango (2)
30+ Canada Day Recipes | Maple + Mango (3)
  • Canada Day Fruit Kabobs: These fun and festive fruit kabobs by Frugal Mom Eh! are a great way to serve your fruit in the morning on Canada Day. These could also be served as a healthy dessert option.
  • Strawberry Overnight Oats: Prep these the night before for an easy and healthy breakfast option.
  • Strawberries and Cream Waffles: Serve these sweet German waffles with some fresh strawberries and whipped cream to add some red and white fun!

Drinks: Cheers to Canada Day!

You can’t celebrate Canada Day without a cold drink in hand! Here are some refreshing and naturally red drink ideas!

30+ Canada Day Recipes | Maple + Mango (4)
  • Strawberry Frosé: A delicious frozen co*cktail that is naturally a beautiful red colour. Use a Canadian rosé to celebrate some of the amazing Canadian wineries.
  • Healthy Strawberry Slushie: The kids will love this refreshing drink (and the adults too!).
  • Strawberry Mojito Mocktail: A fun mocktail option to add to the menu!
  • Ultimate Caesar co*cktail: Let’s not forget the Canadian classic – a Caesar co*cktail! This recipe by Girl Heart Food will walk you through how to make one.


Here are a few main dish ideas including four delicious options to throw on the grill besides those burgers and hot dogs. And let’s not forget a famous Canadian dish – Poutine! Some may argue that it is a side dish but I am willing to bet that most Canadians have also happily consumed it as a main dish as well!

30+ Canada Day Recipes | Maple + Mango (7)
30+ Canada Day Recipes | Maple + Mango (8)

Canada Day Desserts

Every celebration needs dessert and Canada Day is no exception! I have found lots of options for you to choose from! Everything from delicious red and white desserts to signature Canadian desserts.

Red and White Canada Day Desserts

These red and white desserts are delicious any time but the colours make them the perfect addition to any Canada Day menu.

30+ Canada Day Recipes | Maple + Mango (9)
30+ Canada Day Recipes | Maple + Mango (10)
30+ Canada Day Recipes | Maple + Mango (11)

Canada Day Cookies

Two delicious cookie recipes perfect for Canada Day – one red and white and the other featuring maple syrup!

30+ Canada Day Recipes | Maple + Mango (12)

Frozen Treats

It’s usually pretty hot out on Canada Day. These red and white frozen treats are a great way to beat the heat!

30+ Canada Day Recipes | Maple + Mango (13)

Signature Canadian Desserts

Bring a taste of Canada to your Canada Day celebrations by serving one of these classic Canadian desserts!

30+ Canada Day Recipes | Maple + Mango (14)


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This post was originally published June 2019. Updated to include new photos, recipes and information.

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  1. DCM

    These look great – but heavy on the strawberries 🙁 Not good when you have severe allergic reaction to strawberries (closes my throat). I miss eating strawberries…


    • Vanessa | Maple + Mango

      I’m sorry that you’re allergic to them! I can’t even imagine since it is my favorite fruit. A number of the sweeter recipes feature them since they are naturally red for the red and white theme and also in season around Canada Day. In some of those recipes, you could substitute for raspberries or cherries if they are ok for you. Otherwise, there are also a lot of great recipes featured without strawberries so you’re sure to find something delicious!.


  2. Terri Gilson

    Fantastic round up of Canada Day recipes! Especially love the great selection of red and white!


  3. nancy

    what a great round up for recipes to celebrate Canada day!!


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30+ Canada Day Recipes | Maple + Mango (2024)
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