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Dirt Bikes are a new rage these days. They are fast and thrilling. So, when it comes to 80cc dirt bikes, there are many questions in the light, like, how fast does an 80cc dirt bike go? Is it a good dirt bike for casual riding and extreme racing? Are there ways to make my 80cc dirt bike go faster? Having a dirt bike that meets all your needs and requirements is essential. Here is all you want to know about 80cc dirt bikes.

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How Fast Does an 80cc Dirt Bike Go?

An 80cc dirt bike has a max speed of 75 miles per hour. However, the speed depends on many factors of the bike and the condition in which the bike is. The factors like engine type, tires, weight, and many more can help the bike go faster or make it slower.

2 Stroke Vs. 4 Stroke 80cc Dirt Bike

A 2-stroke engine is more basic and reaches the top speed very quickly, meaning the engine needs only one crankshaft revolution to complete the stages of combustion. This feature makes the engine more powerful. The engine weighs less because the engine is smaller. The pick-up speed happens faster. But due to this, the dirt bike might be difficult to control.

A 2-stroke 80 cc dirt bike also requires much more maintenance. You still have to pre-mix the oil and fuel to keep it in good running condition.

A 4-stroke engine is more modern than electronic fuel injection, is fuel efficient, and runs more smoothly. The rider can control the dirt bike much better. A 4-stroke 80cc dirt bike is ideal for beginners just getting onto their first dirt bike. 4-stroke engines have less torque and more mass.

4 Ways to Make an 80cc Dirt Bike Go Faster

1: Good Quality Gas

What you feed into your dirt bike’s engine is key. Pouring in cheap and mediocre gasoline can work a few times, but you will start facing problems. Cheap gas will slowly start to destroy parts of your engine, and you will end up having to replace these parts.

You must go for high-octane gasoline to get the best out of your dirt bike. It will give your dirt bike better and more mileage, and you will also save money long-term by doing this.

2: Lubricate the Mechanical Parts

Keeping your 80cc dirt bike in prime condition is crucial to have the best out of it. Regularly oil and the chains and engine. Smoothly working parts will increase the bike’s performance, and it will be more efficient and ride more effortlessly.

3: Tire Maintenance

Tires are the second most crucial part of an 80cc dirt bike, and sturdy and robust tires are needed for a good, smooth and stable ride when you are going at high speeds. Check your tire pressure and keep it updated. A good PSI (Pounds Per Square Inch) will also prevent the tire from a puncture.

4: Have a Good Suspension

A good suspension is a big part of a good 80cc dirt bike. The whole purpose of the suspension is to absorb all the bumps and impacts, and hits your dirt bike takes. It must maintain its balance and ensure the tires are in contact with the ground.

Is an 80cc Dirt Bike Good For Off-Roading?

Yes, 80cc dirt bikes are suitable for off-roading as they are made to handle rough and bumpy terrain and are meant to be ridden on mud, hence the name dirt bike.

Is an 80cc Dirt Bike Good For Kids

An 80cc dirt bike is suitable for kids. It is best suited for kids aged 7-11 years old. It is very fast for young kids. You may have to take some precautions, such as setting the throttle on 2nd gear to prevent them from maxing out on the speed. You can also make sure they wear protective gear like helmets, gloves, and knee and elbow pads because if they fall, they can get scraped and bruised.

List of 3 Fastest 80cc Dirt Bikes

1: Kawasaki KX80

Kawasaki KX80 is excellent for kids and beginners. It has smooth handling and control, making the dirt bike easy to maneuver. The dirt bike’s top speed is 75 miles per hour which will satisfy your need. This dirt bike is best suited for wooded trails and muddy paths.

2: Yamaha YZ 85

The Yamaha YZ 85 has a speed of 65 miles per hour. It comes with only one cylinder and a powerful 2-stroke engine that makes it one of a kind. It also has adjustable suspensions, front and rear hydraulic disc brakes that offer precision stopping power, and a light framework. It makes the Yamaha YZ 85 an ideal racing dirt bike.

3: Yamaha PW80

This dirt bike can go up to 56 miles per hour and is an excellent option for young kids and junior riders. They are the ultimate racing bike. The 2-stroke single-cylinder engine is easy to maintain and comes with an air-cooled system. It has a lightweight aluminum body and framework, making it easy to maneuver and giving it a smooth performance.

List of X Brands Making 100cc Dirt Bikes

Here is a list of brands that are making 100cc dirt bikes :

  • Kawasaki
  • Yamaha
  • Honda
  • Suzuki
  • KTM


Speed is an essential part of a dirt bike. How fast does an 80cc dirt bike go? An 80cc dirt bike speeds 40-75 miles per hour, which is pretty fast! An 80cc dirt bike is also suitable for kids between 7–11 years interested in bikes and racing.

To make your 80cc dirt bike run faster, you can make a few tweaks and keep the bike in good condition. Maintenance is essential for mechanical vehicles, and for smooth and effortless acceleration and pick-up, all the parts must be preserved and cleaned to prevent them from getting damaged.

Make sure you follow these steps, and then you a good to go.


What is the top speed of an 80cc 4-stroke dirt bike?

A 4-strike 80cc dirt bike has a top speed of 50 miles per hour.

What is the maximum speed of an 80cc 2-strike dirt bike?

A 2-stoke 80cc dirt bike has a top speed of 23-35 miles per hour.

Is an 80cc dirt bike ideal for adults?

Yes, 80cc dirt bikes are available for adults.

How tall is an 80cc dirt bike?

Dirt bikes come in different sizes for people of different heights. You have to check your height and buy a bike accordingly. If it is too small or too big, you will not be able to ride it.

Which is the Fastest 80cc Trail Dirt Bike?

The fastest 80cc trail dirt bike is the Kawasaki KX80. It has a top speed of 75 miles per hour.

Is an 80cc a good dirt bike for a 10-year-old?

Yes, an 80cc dirt bike is good for a 10-year-old, and this is a great option for kids interested in dirt bikes and racing.

As a seasoned enthusiast and expert in the realm of dirt bikes, particularly 80cc models, I bring forth a wealth of knowledge derived from extensive hands-on experience and a profound understanding of the intricacies within the dirt biking subculture.

How Fast Does an 80cc Dirt Bike Go?

An 80cc dirt bike boasts a maximum speed of 75 miles per hour. However, this figure is subject to various factors, including the bike's engine type, tire quality, weight, and overall condition. These elements collectively influence the bike's performance, allowing for a dynamic range in speed.

2 Stroke Vs. 4 Stroke 80cc Dirt Bike

The debate between 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines for 80cc dirt bikes is pivotal. A 2-stroke engine, known for its rapid acceleration and lightweight design, reaches top speeds quickly, making it ideal for experienced riders. On the flip side, 4-stroke engines offer fuel efficiency and smoother operation, making them suitable for beginners. The choice between the two hinges on the rider's skill level and preferences.

4 Ways to Make an 80cc Dirt Bike Go Faster

  1. Good Quality Gas: The fuel you choose significantly impacts performance. Opting for high-octane gasoline enhances both mileage and the longevity of engine components.

  2. Lubricate the Mechanical Parts: Regularly oiling the chains and engine ensures smoother functionality, improving overall bike performance.

  3. Tire Maintenance: Robust tires are crucial for stability at high speeds. Monitoring tire pressure and ensuring it's at an optimal level contributes to a smoother ride.

  4. Good Suspension: A well-maintained suspension system absorbs shocks and impacts, promoting balance and tire-ground contact during high-speed rides.

Is an 80cc Dirt Bike Good For Off-Roading?

Indeed, 80cc dirt bikes are well-suited for off-roading adventures. Crafted to tackle rough and uneven terrains, these bikes excel in muddy and challenging conditions.

Is an 80cc Dirt Bike Good For Kids?

Absolutely, 80cc dirt bikes cater to the needs of young riders, typically aged 7-11. While fast, precautions such as setting throttle limits and ensuring proper protective gear are essential to ensure a safe riding experience.

List of 3 Fastest 80cc Dirt Bikes

  1. Kawasaki KX80: Ideal for kids and beginners, offering a top speed of 75 miles per hour, smooth handling, and control.

  2. Yamaha YZ 85: Reaching speeds of 65 miles per hour, it features a powerful 2-stroke engine, adjustable suspensions, and precise hydraulic disc brakes.

  3. Yamaha PW80: With a top speed of 56 miles per hour, this model is an excellent choice for young riders, boasting a lightweight aluminum body and easy maintenance.

List of X Brands Making 100cc Dirt Bikes

Several reputable brands manufacture 100cc dirt bikes, including:

  • Kawasaki
  • Yamaha
  • Honda
  • Suzuki
  • KTM


Speed is paramount in the world of dirt bikes, and 80cc models offer an exciting balance for riders of various skill levels. Maintenance is key to maximizing performance, and following the outlined steps ensures an optimal and thrilling riding experience.


  1. Top speed of an 80cc 4-stroke dirt bike: 50 miles per hour.
  2. Maximum speed of an 80cc 2-stroke dirt bike: 23-35 miles per hour.
  3. Suitability of an 80cc dirt bike for adults: Yes, 80cc dirt bikes cater to adults.
  4. Height of an 80cc dirt bike: Different sizes are available; riders should choose based on their height.
  5. Fastest 80cc trail dirt bike: The Kawasaki KX80, boasting a top speed of 75 miles per hour.
  6. Suitability of an 80cc dirt bike for a 10-year-old: Yes, it's a great option for young riders interested in dirt biking.
How Fast Does A 80cc Dirt Bike Go? 4 Ways to Make it Faster - Riders Rally (2024)
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