Sending our 80’s Barn Find Kawasaki KX80 2 Stroke Dirt Bike (2023)


We bought three Kawasaki KX80 2 stroke dirt bikes in boxes, and we were able to put one together and ride it! In today's video we send the dirt bike around the CarsandCameras Grand Prix

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We bought three two-stroke kawasaki kx80 dirt bikes in boxes for a thousand dollars and in the last episode of cars and cameras, we got one of them running and riding, and we experienced the two-stroke power band on dirt bikes for the first time.

None of us have much two-stroke experience on dirt bikes.

So in today's episode of cars and cameras, we're going to be stretching the legs on the kx 82 stroke, dirt bike doing some jumps doing some hot laps and some general sending now in a few weeks we're going to be swapping one of these insanely powerful adcc engines onto either a honda, trail 70 or a harley davidson, and we want you all to help us decide.

But there's going to be more information on that at the end of the episode, sit back, relax and enjoy the most powerful adcc we've ever experienced all right, so the guys did a great job.

Putting a new muffler on and making are you kidding me? Are you kidding me what that's pretty hilarious? The guys did a great job on the bike, and I know this is a dirt bike for 12 year olds, but I'm a little intimidated.

Judging by what ike did the other day with that uh power band kicking in oh man, it was like this yeah, so I'm looking forward to checking it out.

I'm just gonna.

Do what I'm comfortable with maybe do a jump or two something like that, then we're gonna, let ike on it and we're gonna get some grand prix lap times.

Let's see what it'll do I just realized.

This is my first time.

Okay, probably second time ever on a two-stroke dirt.

Bike first was ike's trials, bike from the 70s, a little intimidated all right.

Let me uh get that idle when you get it running sure sure.

Oh, this is awesome.

This is cool dude.

If that's too loud.

So after that two minute ride, I totally get it dude.

This thing is awesome: it's pretty awesome! It's really comfortable.

It's got like I don't know how it has so much power for an 80 or an 85.

I'm gonna keep going.

Okay, this not having a front brake is so sketchy.

We really need a front brake yeah yeah.

So it's pretty awesome.

It looks impressive.

It looks killer everyone's shooting any dirt or not really a little bit.

Thanks charles.

I like your answer, uh so uh other than that.

It feels pretty good.

Oh yeah, it feels great.

Is it idling like it? I think so? Okay, I don't know, let's find out yeah the short kick anymore: hmm holy moly me: can we try to figure out a front brake uh? We really need something like I'm doing, 50 miles an hour back there.

That is not.

That is not uh.

That is definitely a current lead.

Oh boy! Oh that's fuel cut off the uh fuel.

Okay, the carburetor! The float sticks.

You know we didn't have any brake clean, oh okay, so I cleaned everything with a pb like pb, blaster and uh.

Pb blaster is not a good cleaner.

Well, we got carb cleaner now so yeah.

So while we figure out a front brake I'll, probably mess with the carburetor all right.

If that's, if that'll work- okay, it's fine by me, I like dirt bikes.

This is wild, yeah they're a little intimidating.

Aren't they I mean yes and no, it's intimidating.

It has a ton of power, but it also rides pretty good awesome.

It's a little bouncy, but there's just suspension travel for days.

I get it man that suspension can pretty much.

Let you go about eight feet in the air yeah as long as you don't land on flat, so john is gonna.

Go take this thing out for one more rip.

We just installed a brand new master cylinder from yeah, the uh brake feel is amazing.

Every time we've ever used, one of these on a mini bike and now on a dirt bike.

The brake feel is killer, feels like premium item and feels so much better it.

It looks like a brick.

It looks like it belongs on there and it bolted right up.

So, if you're looking for brake parts or anything for your mini bike or go-kart, go visit links in the description make sure you tell them cars and cameras.

Send you a check out, I'm ready.

All right dude here we go, make sure you turn on fuel.

Oh yeah fuel, the carburetor rebuild, didn't well yeah.

Here we are it'll, be fine wow, so he's getting the feel of it right now.

I predict he'll be clearing this road about the fourth crop.

Yeah all right, well, jumping two wheels in for me is a little little scary, the commitment level's too high.

For me, that's okay! Yeah! We understand.

Let me show you how it's done, I'm not a big jumper either I tried getting a a good shot of you.

Oh well, from this phone it looked like oh yeah.

You were doing that a little bit, but you know it looked good, look good yeah! This is addicting.

You know I've.

I've heard people.

I've heard two-stroke people describe the experience as addicting and it for sure is just this.

I like it a little too much.

It's pretty uh, pretty fast yeah, yeah yeah for sure.

So that's cool dude.

I think dude.

It might be time for a hot lap.

What do you think? I think it's time for someone else to ride.

I need a breather who's up.

I would be glad to show everybody how to jump it or at least try to, but we have a trip planned up at the end of this week and I really don't want to hurt myself.

We got a lot riding on that, so I'll jump it after we get back sounds good.

I think you're, the smartest out of all three.

So I guess that just leaves me.

Um, hmm, look like a third base coach journal, dude, there's so much shock movement yeah! It's like you're on a cloud yeah.

It rides awesome.

What do you think of it? Uh I'll, be honest.

I don't like it's uh, it's scary, I'm not used to the shock movement.

It feels like I'm falling off constantly when, when I'm not even off yeah, it's just like boom and did I dump the bike.

Did I dump the bike and it could be our shocks being blown out? I think they're blowing slam out dude.

I think it might be.

Don't take this the wrong way yeah, but we all three might be overweight.

For this thing, I'm definitely overweight.

For this, I can feel it I'm way over.

That's good, I think somebody around 120 pounds or less is about right for this bike.

I also found out that it doesn't like to shift without the clutch yeah.

I thought I might be able to uh power shift.

It power shift it with no clutch.

No sir you've got to use the clutch what'd.

You learn, use the clutch.

Okay, okay, so pretty awesome, it's fast! Isn't it it's pretty fast? It is so fast um I like it.

It might be up there on the top of the board.

You want to find out sure I hope it's first yeah, because if it's second, that makes sense why it might be bogging, but I mean I don't know.

I know first gear is pretty short on those things, so I don't know I might have to do some tuning.

I know that carburetor's still, not quite right.

Ah, you know it's.

It's weird.

You've got to stay in that power band yeah, so I can't ride it like a regular bike, because the uh it's got, no torque like you've got to be in that power band, and so the last one I was trying to keep in the power band, but it's so narrow, yep, you're, always shifting.

You have got to know where the power bands at- and this is this- is something you're going to have to learn with the bike.

So it's pretty awesome.

I can see why people love these.

I can see this bike being the fast fastest on the leaderboard.

If you learn like fastest period, the fastest period, if you learn the power band, whoa yeah I mean.

Am I wrong, I don't know was I close? Do you feel confident about that lap time this last one yeah? I can do better, okay, but I feel good about it all right, so I'm gonna hop on and just do as comfortable as I feel on the hot lap and uh we're gonna go in and reveal our lap times he's gonna beat me he's.

The lab results are in john.

Thank you.

Thank you so much you're giving me my own time, yeah all right, so I ran on the kx80 106 10.

Oh, oh, oh, oh number, 16.! No! Okay! So on that note, isaac or ike ran on the kx.

80 ran a one: oh 3, 42, that's pretty quick! So you're in 13th place, I'm slower than the limo car yeah.

That's, hopefully that's the yeah.

If we knew how to ride this bike, I'm sure we'd be.

Oh, I'm for sure we'd be up here.

Yeah with that bike.

So for comparison, yeah we're mini bike riders.

You ran a 5910 on our gambler 500 mb 200., whereas on the dirt bike, first time ever really on a dirt bike.

Uh first time ever on a kx 80 kx80 dirt bike yeah never been on one okay, uh yeah kind of down here.

So if we were to practice, we'd be a lot faster, so the lap time on the kx80 proved that it has the top end, but we just cannot wrestle that bike around the track fast enough to get it in the top 10, which is kind of surprising.

It's a powerful bike.


Earlier I mentioned that we're going to be swapping a kx80 engine onto either honda trail, 70 or a harley davidson, and we want you to help us decide well we're starting the cars and cameras email newsletter.

So it's completely free.

You sign up on our website.

Cars dash cameras, dot com, there will be a pop-up and it'll ask want more cars and cameras, and you put in your email and once every two weeks we're going to be sending out the cars and cameras newsletter.

We decided to start a newsletter because in the past, youtube hasn't always sent out notifications for uploads uh.

We want a platform that we can do fan features we can put in polls like the one we're doing with the kx80.

So we can get your feedback to give us direction on where to take some of these projects.

We're also going to include some behind the scenes, photos and blurbs as well.

So the very first newsletter goes out this thursday.

So if you go sign up today, tomorrow, wednesday you'll be able to vote and whichever one wins we will be installing the kx80 engine into.

I think the harley davidson would be awesome and hilarious.

I think the honda trail 70 would also be just a riot as well now.

The other thing I wanted to touch on is that there have been a ton of spam uh comments on youtube recently and there have been a lot in our videos, so if we ever do a giveaway or if we have an offer, you're gonna hear about it right here or from our official facebook page yeah.

All these all these things in the comments that you're seeing those are all scams, don't sign up, don't reply, just report we've been going through and manually reporting, but they just pop up so fast anyway.

Thank you all for understanding.

Don't forget to sign up for the newsletter cars dash, the official newsletter.

We will catch you next time.

Where's the nut is the bolt uh.

It's snapped, no, no, no snapped, but um.


How much is a KX80 worth? ›

Very Good$1,335
2 more rows

What is the top speed of a Kawasaki 80 2 stroke? ›

Unpretentious and inclusive, this small, powerful two-wheeler boasted an advertised 20hp, a 13-inch ground clearance, 75-mph(121 km/h) top speed stock. Uses 10w-40 wet clutch oil as crank case oil. There are big wheel and small wheel bikes to fit shorter and taller kids safely, and more comfortably.

What was the last year KX made a 2 stroke? ›

The 2-stroke KX-250 was discontinued from the 2008 model year. Many factors came into play with the demise of the 2 stroke models, however 2 strokes are once again becoming popular due to the costs associated with maintenance of the very complex workings of the 4 stroke design.

How do you tell what year a Kawasaki dirt bike is? ›

What does a Kawasaki VIN contain? Each of the 17 characters in a VIN code represents a particular piece of information. For instance, the 10th character shows the model year ("1" means 2001, "B" means 1981 or 2011, etc.). This is one of the simplest bits to reveal.

How much can a KX80 lift? ›

Description. The KX080 is classed as an 8-Ton mini excavator. This machine has a max digging depth of approximately 15′ 1″ and a lifting capacity over the front of 6,500 lbs at 4ft load point height and 12ft load radius. Depending on variables the machine weight range is from 18,365 lbs to 19,335 lbs.

How many gears does a KX 80 have? ›

1997 KAWASAKI KX80 Service Data (Detail)
Clutch TypeWet Type Multi Plate
Number of Gears6
Gear Ratio2.538 / 1.875 / 1.500 / 1.250 / 1.090 / 0.956
Primary Speed Reduction Ratio3.400
Secondary Speed Reduction Ratio3.769
10 more rows

Did Kawasaki stop making 2 strokes? ›

For now, two-strokes aren't going anywhere. The current collection of dirt bikes from Beta, GasGas, Cobra, Kawasaki, KTM, Husqvarna, Suzuki, Sherco, TM, Yamaha and others includes two-strokes models for both off-road and motocross.

What year did they stop making 2 strokes? ›

Kiss them goodbye. Today, Honda made their threat stick. The official word is: Starting in 2008, there will be no more two strokes. This means that 2007 will be the last year that you will have to premix oil into your Honda's gas tank.

When did they stop making 2-stroke bikes? ›

Two-stroke road models were not offered after 1984. There are effective technologies for eliminating two-stroke fuel short-circuiting, and they are Direct Fuel Injection (DFI) and Indirect Fuel Injection (IFI).

What year did Kawasaki dirt bikes go fuel injected? ›

The next major innovation would be in 2009, as Kawasaki introduced fuel injection. Reviewers raved of the performance effect of the new injectors, and in proceeding years the technology would spread across the KX lineup.

How do I know what Kawasaki engine I have? ›

The model number and serial number on your Kawasaki Engine is located at the rear of the engine on the engine housing.

How do I identify my Kawasaki? ›

Each Kawasaki product line has a distinct VIN location. The exact location for these numbers on your particular model is illustrated in your owner's manual near the front of the book. They also appear on your registration documents. You will find the VIN stamped on the steering head, below the handlebars.

How much does a KX 85 cost? ›

Suggested List PriceAverage Retail
Base Price$4,599$4,145
Total Price$4,599$4,145
2 more rows

How much is a rm85 worth? ›

Suggested List PriceAverage Retail
Base Price$4,249$3,580
Options (Add)
Total Price$4,249$3,580
2 more rows

How much is a xr80r? ›

Suggested List PriceAverage Retail
Base Price$1,849$450
Options (Change)
Total Price$1,849$450
2 more rows

Is a KX 85 a 2 stroke? ›

PROVEN PERFORMANCE. The high-performance 84cc two-stroke engine produces crisp, responsive power and offers proven durability to finish each ride with confidence. A six-speed transmission and manual clutch allow aspiring racers to hone shifting skills for maximum performance.

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