Something In The Dirt (2022) Review - Directors of Resolution & The Endless are Back! (2023)


When neighbors John and Levi witness supernatural events in their Los Angeles apartment building, they realize documenting the paranormal could inject some fame and fortune into their wasted lives. An ever-deeper, darker rabbit hole, their friendship frays as they uncover the dangers of the phenomena, the city and each other.

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What's up guys and welcome back to beyond the void podcast, my name is Alex and today we're going to be doing a spoiler-free review of a new movie from Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead called something in the dirt, let's get into it.

So if you guys have been following me for some time in the podcast or on the YouTube or even on the website, you'll know that I'm, a pretty big fan of Justin Benson and Aaron moorhead's work, they've done a lot of different movies, one that started with resolution for me and then ended up in a rabbit hole of watching every single one of their films, as they've gone on.

I've literally bought everything that they have because there's something about them.

That is very ingenious about them.

They will take a concept and a mystery and sci-fi elements and just jam it into this movie idea.

If you've ever seen the movie resolution, it is a very low budget film that basically does a lot with storytelling and sort of this mystery of this thing that's going on, while these two guys are trying to figure out their life and help one another out their flaws, and everything and I feel like this movie has kind of gone back to those roots in a way because they have been progressively building and building and building on some of their portfolio as they go on.

In fact, they have worked on moon night, Twilight, Zone Loki and, of course, their last movie was synchronic, which you know they've been progressively getting to be more and more like really amazing, looking stuff here now, this one is a little bit more back to Roots like back to the basics, because I have a feeling that this is from what I gather in some of the interviews I was watching is that this was their sort of pandemic movie, the kind of movie that they put together in their own house or their own Apartments, together into a cohesive film.

Or so.

We think, because there is a lot going on here, guys I'll, read you the synopsis, when neighbors John and Levi witness a supernatural event in one of their Apartments.

They decide to team up together to document this experience, because their lives have been less than fruitful.

They feel that making a documentary about this sort of paranormal event could help inject some actual interest into their lives.

Some Fame some Fortune some money, some purpose and as they continue to film this documentary, they start to get wound up into a deeper darker, Rabbit Hole of mind-bending metaphysical mind-altering, pretty atmospheric stuff.

Now Justin, Benson and Aaron Moorhead have said that they didn't really know that.

There's anything like this and I hate to shatter that in some ways, because while I was watching this- and this is a compliment by many by a lot I- remember watching the movie pie.

My first experience watching pie was kind of mind-bending.

It felt like I was on the verge of finding out something about the universe and like what exists, and it was pretty mind-bending uh kind of a movie that just puts you on this sort of of mental spiritual sort of atmospheric and suspenseful sort of ride, and that's what kind of you're gonna get with this movie is a very condensed not in black and white, like pie, but a very condensed smaller indie film, with essentially just of two characters in the movie, which is John and Levi played by Justin Benson and Aaron, Moorhead John being Aaron Moorhead, Justin, Benson being the long-haired Levi.

Now these guys have no idea who they are.

They just meet each other in this movie at the beginning of the movie through a weird happenstance, they happen to wake up, and that seems to be a theme in this movie.

There's a lot of coincidences that are tied to this sort of Supernatural metaphysical kind of world, and that's something that these guys are fantastic at.

Let me tell you they can take a small idea and turn it into one of the most interesting like mind-bending, mind-altering metaphysical stories, and it's just insane what they'll do with it it now.

This one has a little bit of a sort of a dark comedy to it that I think some people might miss if you're not really kind of paying attention, especially if you're wrapped up in sort of the atmosphere of this movie, because there is this sort of building tension.

That's going on, while they're witnessing all these different events and sort of piecing everything together.

Now there is not going to be some answers to everything here.

This is definitely a movie.

You could watch multiple times and warrant new things, new Easter eggs, which there are some they have built, this sort of like Universe in their own small, independent small, like movie, making World, which I've always admired I've loved in resolution- and you know the endless and those two really connect together in a lot in a bigger way, I think than any of the other movies.

But there are hints of other stuff in this movie.

I won't say what it is just know that of course, they're gonna put that in there, because that's how they are they're they're funny guys that, like to make weird, really thoughtful kind of weird up movies, that's about the best way I can describe it.

They just like weird and- and it's not gonna resonate with everybody to the point of like you, know, Elation and someone's going to be like blown over the moon with with their work, but I think if you can kind of understand that they're taking something from nothing and building this really Supernatural mysterious metaphysical sort of Storytelling in two characters.

It's pretty genius, you know like that's, that's not easy for everybody to do as a filmmaker and I think they pull it off here.

I think it's kind of funny, I! Think uh I wasn't my favorite movie of the year necessarily, but it is something that I'm gonna have to re-watch I'm, definitely going to be buying this when I can pick it up on Blu-ray I, wonder if they'll have um the squirrel in the movie doing a behind the scenes commentary track is on their resolution.

Commentary they have a dog barking, the whole time in the background and like one, one of them is having a conversation with the dog, which is just the weirdest ever, but nobody's ever done that that's probably one of the weirdest most I, listen to the whole thing, and even they were surprised when I wrote them about it on Twitter, but that's just the type of movie makers.

These guys are now I, wouldn't compare this movie to a lot of their other movies other than the fact that you're gonna get a big heavy dose of that sci-fi metaphysical and that it is connected to some of their movies and a couple of different ways.

I, don't want to say what it is, but you'll get it when you see it if you've seen their other films they're not closely connected they're, just Loosely connected and you'll pick up on those as the story unfolds, but yeah you're gonna have to lower your expectations on this one.

This is not a big budget one.

This is their pandemic movie like I, said and I.

Think that's.

You know perfectly fine, because at the end of the movie, it's like this is dedicated to making movies with friends, and that's probably the most apropos way of saying what they did here, while not trying to take completely away from the the actual Ingenuity that they do here, because there is some really thrilling and kind of disgusting and messed up parts in this movie, and there is some really kind of dark dialogue to one another, because these people do not necessarily like each other and they're actually kind of best friends in in real life.

Obviously, if they're making movies together as a team.

So if you are a fan of their work, I think it's pretty safe to say that you will enjoy this Now.

Is it going to be better than the end list? Is it going to be better than resolution? I mean all of these films.

Synchronic is a completely different movie than those other ones, and the spring is a completely different film than those other ones, but I think you'll see the Magic in some of what they're trying to do here, and maybe even some of the comedy that they try to put into this, because you know seeing them act together is just pretty cool.

I thought it was a really good idea what they came up with without really spoiling anything because I, don't I have no idea.

What exactly is going on with these two guys, let's just say, It's Supernatural, it's weird and, and they like weird so I hope, that's a a good uh review of the movie.

It doesn't really Express anything well, you know, and it is a spoiler-free review but I think if you lower your expectations, this isn't going to be a big big budget film.

You know kind of on the slope that they were going with.

You know synchronic, which I think was probably their biggest budget film, that they've made to date other than you know like Loki, and obviously you know the other stuff that they've been working on.

But this is on their own films.

I think synchronic was one of the bigger ones.

This is a little bit more Back to Basics.

I wouldn't be surprised if this was they spent less money on this movie than they did their first movie resolution uh, but you know there's effects in it: they're practical.

There are also CGI effects and everything they're really good at in this and still get you to that level.

But it isn't going to be like yeah just time.

Taper your expectations down a little bit go for the ride, enjoy the two guys decided to make a movie in their own apartment and see what they came up with it's weird, it's kind of funny and I.

Think you will like get I would probably give this movie like a seven, maybe a 7.5, but it's kind of on the fence.

There and I am kind of a big Fanboy, I guess of their work.

So you know it could be lower for other people, because you know they're not knowing what to expect going into this, but it is sort of a slow atmospheric dark, comedic metaphysical Thriller ride with sci-fi yeah anyway, if you're a fan, are you gonna see this I'm sure you will I'm sure? If you heard me say: Aaron, Morehead and Justin Benson that you were like yep I'm gonna watch that instantly, because they're building quite the fan base these days and I hope it's everything that you enjoy now it's out on rent right now, I rented it for 6.99 on the Microsoft store.

I think it was also 6.99 on Amazon.

So if you want to rent it, you can right now I think you can even pre-order it to own for, like 15 bucks, um I'm gonna wait till they put it out on uh Blu-ray or whatever they played this at the festivals.

This is one of the movies that I was trying to get a hold of for the Toronto International Film Festival, but I wasn't able to get there, but I am finally seeing it now, and it is out now for you guys to check out I'm gonna.

Have this up tomorrow, ish! Well, you won't even know, but I'll have it up as soon as I possibly can, but thanks for stopping by and as always beyond the void s.


Is Something in the Dirt part of the endless? ›

Three of the pair's other films, Spring, Synchronic, and Something in the Dirt also technically take place in the same universe, though the duo seemed to indicate that the television show will be based more on the The Endless.

Is Something in the Dirt Based on a true story? ›

While Something in the Dirt isn't an actual mockumentary, it feels like a behind-the-scenes look at the making of one of those paranormal researcher films, real or fake.

What happens at the end of Something in the Dirt? ›

After having a huge fallout with John, he finally decides that he had enough of it and plans to leave. But as unfortunate as it sounds, a catastrophic event happens at their apartment which literally beats gravity and Levi literally floats away deep in the sky and (most likely) dies.

What is the point of Something in the Dirt? ›

Something in the Dirt explores the struggle to bind unexplainable forces to our will, only to realize at every turn we might not be up to the task. We cannot deny there are things that escape human understanding—that's why science keeps moving forward, and always will.

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