Sur-Ron X introducing the

Changing the Game

The Surron is taking the USA by storm. Mid drive electric bike that you can ride anywhere. Fast, long range, and reliable. SurRon USA is one of the first to introduce this bike and we are proud to continue the tradition offering both bikes and upgrade parts.


Electric Performance

  • Silent
  • Reliable
  • Up to 30 mile range
  • Fully charges in 4 hours
  • 65v 32ah Panasonic Battery

Reduction Gear Drive


Because electric motors are happiest when spinning fast.
Simple to ride (single speed) efficient, and extremely reliable.

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Features Key


Engineering & Design

Surrron has a team of top motorcycle engineers who made it their passion to make the Light Bee the best lightweight electric motorcycle ever made.


Ultimate Power

Super battery, motor, and controller, add up to an amazing combination for reliable power.


All Terrain

Built to be ridden off road in rugged conditions.

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Elements Design


Motor Built for Surron by Surron

The motor is amazingly reliable.
Some people have upgraded their controllers and batteries in this 15 pound motor which is insane.
It is a top of the line brushless motor

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FOV Sine Wave Controller

The most efficient, reliable, smooth and powerful type of controller there is.
This is the most advanced type of controller available for a small electric vehicle and comes standard with the Surron.

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Amazing Battery

The battery is 65v 32ah of Panasonic goodness. This is the best battery design we have seen in a small EV.Every thing in this battery was made custom for the Surron.
It has an advanced battery management system (BMS that not only protects your battery from overcharge and under charge, but also monitors the temperatures of the battery, the motor and the controller and will dial back power if things get too hot.

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The Frame

Sand casted frame provides the most advanced best looking frame in the business.
This frame was designed and tested by some of the best motorcycle engineers in the world.It weighs less than 10 pounds and provides strength and rigidity for heavy trail riding.

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The ride of your life

Everything an Ebike Should Be

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Are Surrons legal in the US? ›

Riders are knowingly breaking the law — and worse, putting themselves and others in danger of great bodily harm. A 150-lb rider on a 125-lb bike multiplied by these bikes' speeds equals disaster. So, are Surrons street-legal? Definitely not — at least not for now.

Where is Sur-Ron, USA located? ›

SURRON BIKES USA | ELECTRIC BIKES | 2062 Beacon Manor Drive, Fort Myers, FL, USA.

How long does Sur-Ron USA take to ship? ›

We ship Freight once a week, so after you place your order and receive your order confirmation, it will ship within 1-5 business days, depending on which day you ordered. Any international shipment that has been shipped cannot be refunded or cancelled. Sur-Ron USA offers a Limited Warranty on their products.

Is Sur-Ron a Chinese company? ›

Sur-Ron is a Chinese company that designs, develops and manufactures electric dirt bikes. The company sells 3 models, the Light Bee X, Ultra Bee, and their most powerful model, the Storm Bee.

How fast do surrons go in mph? ›

The Sur-Ron's torquey mid drive motor and high power to weight ratio effortlessly accelerates riders to speeds of up to 45 – 50 Mph (80kmh) leaving all competitors in its wake. MORE POWER. MORE TORQUE.

How fast do surrons go? ›


The heart of the Storm Bee's powertrain is its 104V/55Ah battery pack, powerful enough to propel the Storm Bee to a top speed of 75 mph and a max range of 70 miles.

Is a Surron Road legal? ›

Road Legal Electric Dirt Bikes – The SUR-RON LBX ROAD LEGAL

With a Forged lightweight alloy frame combined with hi-spec components, the total bike weight is just 51kg.

Did Segway buy Surron? ›

Sur Ron explained their relationship with Segway in a statement: “In 2019, Sur-Ron obtained the investment from Segway. With the independent operation, Sur-Ron was able to carry out cross brand product cooperation with the help of Segway's brand channels and other resources. This is a win-win cooperation.

Do surrons have warranty? ›

All Surron products purchased from Panmi and its Authorised Resellers ('Authorised Reseller') are covered under 12-month warranty unless specified.

What is the warranty on a Sur-Ron? ›

Warranty Terms – Chassis/Swing Arm/Motor/Controller 18 months (Battery up to 20,000 Miles) Non-Service Items 12 Months. Subject to service schedule. Excludes items*. Warranty applies to original purchaser only.

Does Luna Cycle have taxes? ›

Duties, taxes and tariffs are at the sole discretion of the carrier, and are non-refundable and non-negotiable by Luna Cycles.

What is better, Surron or talaria? ›

Sur Ron excels in off-road adventures, with its powerful motor and sturdy build providing adrenaline-pumping rides. Talaria Sting, on the other hand, offers a smooth and nimble experience, ideal for urban exploration and daily commuting.

Are surrons any good? ›

They are solidly built with good components and hardware. The high-quality aluminum handlebars and handguards are good examples of this. For new or less-experienced riders, the Ultra Bee may be one of the best off-road bikes currently available.

How many surrons are sold? ›

About Surron™

The Light Bee has since become loved around the globe; Surron™ has sold more than 70,000 Light Bee units worldwide. Today, Surron™ employs more than 100 employees developing and manufacturing the highest quality electric bikes in the business.

Are Surron bikes road legal? ›

Road Legal Electric Dirt Bikes – The SUR-RON LBX ROAD LEGAL

With a Forged lightweight alloy frame combined with hi-spec components, the total bike weight is just 51kg.

Is the Surron Ultra Bee street-legal? ›

Although the Ultra Bee is not sold as a street-legal motorcycle in the U.S., it comes with most of the standard items found on a dual-sport bike, including a headlight, brake light and license-plate holder.

Are electric bikes street-legal in the US? ›

Several states in the US including California, New York, Florida, Alabama, Michigan, Arkansas allow riding an electric bike on public roads or paths.

Are electric bikes legal in the US? ›

The federal speed limit for eBikes is 20 miles per hour or less under motor power alone. The tiered classification system, adopted by many states, also specifies this speed limit. That classification sets 20 miles per hour as the legal limit for Class 1 & 2 bikes.

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