This is How I Change the Gears on My Dirt Racing Car! (2023)


Kenny Wallace shows you how he changes the gears on his dirt racing car.

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All right, everybody welcome to the Kenny Wallace show brought to you by Jegs the leader in high performance aftermarket car parts go to

So today everybody is wanting to know uh.

How do you change gears? They say what gear do you run at Pevely? What gear do you run at Tri-City Speedway? What gear do you run at Eldora and for the most part same thing in NASCAR? So what we're going to show the common fan? Now this video is not meant, for you know the racers, because they already know this.

However, this is called a quick change gear.

Let's say it's like a 10-speed bicycle right, you're going normal, you don't need much.

You start going up the hill.

You change gears right.

So when we run short tracks, you know like we do at say: Pevely Pevely, Missouri, I-55 Raceway.

We are on a certain gear, so we change gears from track to track uh some people.

If the tracks were real, wet, really gripped up, they'll run a lot of gear like pull it up, pull it off the corner.

Let's go whoa, then sometimes um.

You know people have a debate on what to do with their gears when the track slows down and gets real slippery.

Nowadays, some people are putting more gear in because it tracks very slow in the old days to leave spring days when the track was very slow uh.

Let's put it.

Let's put it this way.

If you ran a 600 back in the day, they'd put a 588 in nowadays.

If you're running 600 people are going 628 630., we have different rear suspensions, so it acts differently all right.

Let's, let's go ahead and and take this off and uh.

This is a tiger rear end.

It's got more bolts than us now, I'm, a NASCAR dude I'll.

Take it off with the impact, because I got two torn tenants: okay, but I never run it on and tighten I, tighten it with a wrench right, because that almost tripped anything out.

So what I'm gonna do is I'll.

Take these off and you know I try to take it easy on everything: I, don't I, don't want to uh strip any nuts.

Now this one's got a lot of like I said this one's got a lot of nuts, so this one's got studs in it.

You're gonna see this in the summertime.

I'll have the fans going, you got it.

You got a guard now watch what I do here.

Okay, oil is coming out.


Now now what I'll do watch this little trick? I'll take it and I'll hang this cap on the studs.

There you go see instead of putting the cap down now I'll take these gears out.

I'm gonna.

Take these gears out.

It's had all the oil drained out.

So there's the gears see that all right, I'm gonna, put them down.

Let me go get the 590, oh so uh, so I'm putting in a new gear.

Now the last track I ran last year was Lincoln Illinois.

So here's my gear for Pevely all right, so numbers out remember this video is meant for people that don't know about this.

I already know you I already know you erasers know everything.

Calm down, Racers are on here right now, going on I'm like I know, you know it's not for you numbers out big gear on top little gear on the bottom, in 99.9 of the cases now when we run a one mile track, sometimes it'd be just you know same gear top bottom, so all right.

One second I like to I like to use, break clean and clean my mess up and uh.

So what I'll do I know? I got the gears on right right now and I'll check.

I checked my numbers made sure they're right, there's been times I've had the wrong gear put in the wrong boxes, so uh looking good now, this particular earrings got a gasket on it.

So now what we're gonna do is we're gonna make okay, it's on for real I run third at Peoria one night and long story.

It didn't get put on right, so what I do is I put it on and then I'll run this this nut up.

Now here's a shortcut now I won't type.

It listen! Okay, it's on so now I'm going to put all these nuts on all right and we're gonna just get them started all right.

This is one of those videos where I didn't really set up properly for it.

So I had to run outside a couple times, get my towels all right now, I, don't like using an impact.

You know.

Unless, for in a hurry or- and you got controller now, I know guys, go there's dirt race go I, don't know how to use my impact and they strip strip things out.

So I'll run everything up, I run it up, I, don't at all, tighten because I've got bad experience.

It's stripping these things, because these nuts, these nuts are aluminum.

The studs are steel.

All right, I've already told you that there's a lot of studs on this one.

All right now, everything's run up right.

I drained I've drained all the oil out because we're starting the year fresh I want all new mobile one uh oil in my gear, lube mobile one gear Loops, so look tied a little bit up down.

Watch tight tight.

Now, let's start going across here up here down here over here, I already know that you Racers know this.

Remember this video is not for you, so you want to tighten equally that's the asphalt in me.

Okay, get ready for them, 200, lap, ASA races, so we're going all the way around.

Equally tight, tight, tight, tight, tight talk to yourself, there's nothing wrong! Talking yourself, tight I know a lot of people's cell phone ring and they freaking tighten these things.

Okay, tight, tight, tight, tight, tight, tight, tight, tight tight.

You say this to yourself, I'm, saying it out loud, so you can hear if you got friends around they'll, think you're, crazy and your good friends.

Let you get away with it, but tight one more time: tight, tight, tight, tight, tight, tight, tight, tight, tight, tight, okay, Tony Glover Ernie Irvin's crew chief, he said Herman I, put a set of heads on I, adjust the valves.

You know get the Rockers tight.

You said: go to bed that night wake up in the middle of night, oh, my god did I did I, did I check all those get up out of bed, Drive 30 minutes to a shop three in the morning.

Pull the valve covers off and check it again.

That's how messed up we can get in the head so um anyway, uh I'm gonna go ahead and put oil in this, but you don't really need to see that.

That's not that big of a deal, but what I like to do is I like to uh.

There's gonna, be a film of oil on this, so I like to take I like do this and I like just go like this.

Just make sure I get that oil off there, that filling oil and uh.

That's how you change gears.

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