16 Pros & Cons of The X-PRO 125cc Zongshen Motorcycle [Review 2023] (2024)


  • The X-PRO 125cc Zongshen Motorcycle produces a powerful and imposing presence, thanks, in part, to its robust design, making it reminiscent of a larger bike.
  • With a price tag that wouldn’t break the bank, the reasonable cost is particularly appreciated by all, from occasional riders to hardcore motorcycle enthusiasts.
  • The convenience of the bike cannot be overlooked. Arriving at your doorstep 95% assembled, the remaining setup is a breeze, sparing you any technical headaches.
  • A digital speedometer provides riders a multifunctional dashboard, displaying not only speed, but also mileage, RPM, temperature, and local time with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Enhanced visibility is ensured with upgraded LED lights, a feature that proves its worth when navigating those darker journeys.
  • Fitted with a fatty exhaust, the bike does not just rev up your speed and acceleration; it also provides an aggressive deep tone that amplifies the thrill of the ride.


  • Struggled to make a mark in the sales chart and win popularity contests.
  • Manufacturer’s descriptions, at times, sound like a proud parent gushing over their genius child.
  • In the X-PRO 125cc Zongshen Motorcycle Review, one noticed it’s not quite the best buddy for the highway, but more of a ‘street-wise’ lad.
  • Transportation issues come into play. The motorcycle is shipped 95% assembled. One might need to bless yourself with the titles of ‘Electronic wizard’ and ‘Mirror Installation Officer’ to connect the battery and install the rearview mirror respectively.
  • Reports of loose wires for the rear lights… Apparently, some parts like to live on the edge!
  • Some bolts holding the cover seem to have attended the cross-threading workshop.
  • Experiences excessive tremors when it hits speeds over 40 mph, acting more like a massage chair than a motorcycle!
  • Weld quality is questionable – must’ve been a ‘meh’ day for the welder.
  • Unsettling reports of cracked motor mounts with subsequent motor damage have surfaced, making one question its diet regimen.
  • Had a “one-star” customer service moment with a certain representative. Maybe they were just having an off day?

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Exploring the Road Less Traveled: A X-PRO 125cc Zongshen Motorcycle Review

Despite its under-the-radar recognition and status on the motorcycle market, the X-PRO 125cc Zongshen Motorcycle harbors a few interesting features we’re keen to explore. Often, the best gems are the ones we need to dig a little deeper for, fortunately for our avid riders, we’re not afraid to get our hands dirty.

In our pursuit of an unbiased review, we’ve navigated through a sea of manufacturer-supplied information. As we all know, the showroom version of any model can sometimes swerve dramatically from the real-life experience. Therefore, it’s important to attach a grain of skepticism as we ponder the possibilities of this lesser-known breed of motorcycle.

From the information at hand, the X-PRO 125cc Zongshen Motorcycle strides forward with several in-built features. Primarily developed for urban cruising and not for adventurous highway expeditions, this motorcycle arrives 95% ready-to-go, saving potential buyers from pouring hours into assembly. Minor features like final battery connections and rear-view mirror installation may require a bit of your Sunday afternoon, but hey, who doesn’t love a bit of DIY?

Its teched-up digital speedometer showcases speed, mileage, RPM, temperature, and even local time – because every wanderlust-stricken biker needs a constant reminder of just how late they’re running for their dinner dates. To sweeten the package further, upgraded LED lights are bundled in, lending the model a sporty aesthetic, perhaps enough to overlook its street-only limitations. And with a fatty exhaust purring promises of improved acceleration and top speeds, the X-PRO 125cc Zongshen could indeed be a dark horse.

User feedback, although relatively sparse, leans more to the positive side, highlighting the bike’s aesthetics, appreciable customer service from XPROUSA, and a price tag that won’t ignite a hole in your pocket. Detractors have flagged minor issues such as loose rear light wires, improperly threaded cover bolts, vibrations during high-speed stints, and cracked motor mounts. But hey, nothing is perfect, right?

So whether this two-wheeled mystery sparks your curiosity or not, it certainly warrants a second glance – especially if quieter, less crowded streets are your preferred playgrounds.

X-PRO 125cc Zongshen Motorcycle Review: Shipping and Assembly Details with Extra Perks

Think of the X-PRO 125cc Zongshen Motorcycle being shipped to you as a nearly completed jigsaw puzzle – 95% done; the picture is clear, yet there’s a little bit left for you to chip in. This approach makes it extremely transport-friendly. After the delight of unboxing, you will be asked to connect the battery and fix the rear view mirrors. Seems like a fair deal, right?

Important documents, namely the Manufacturer Statement of Origin (MSO) and Bill of Sale, will arrive separately in traditional snail mail fashion, adding a touch of nostalgia in this otherwise tech-centric world. Just a heads up, this nifty motorcycle is a streets-only device. Highways are a no-go.

What else? Oh yes! the X-PRO 125cc Zongshen Motorcycle encompasses a digital speedometer that’s more than just shiny numbers: it also records RPM, temperature and local time. It even features an odometer keeping track of every mile of your adventurous trip. How’s that for a multi-tasking motorcycle?

Moving towards aesthetics, bright LED lights not only illuminate your path but also lend an exciting sporty look to the motorcycle. And for those who love a good roar, the fatty exhaust augments back pressure, giving an impetus to acceleration and top speed while resonating a deep, throaty sound. Now that’s music to an enthusiast’s ears!

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A Comprehensive Look at the X-PRO 125cc Zongshen Motorcycle

If you’re on the market for a unique and robust motorcycle, the X-PRO 125cc Zongshen deserves your undivided attention. One of its absolute gems is its digital speedometer. This isn’t your regular speedometer – it generously provides essential data such as your speed, mileage, RPM, temperature, and even local time. Essentially, it’s like having a mini-Cooper dashboard on your motorcycle!

Taking it a notch higher, the X-PRO 125cc Zongshen adorns sporty and super bright LED lights. This doesn’t only pepper the motorcycle with a dash of boldness, but it also guarantees enhanced visibility on the road. It’s as if the motorcycle, with its aggressive styling, is nudging you, saying “Hey, let’s own the night!”

Remember that deep, growling, adrenaline-inducing sound emitted by a high-performance motorcycle as it sweeps by? That’s exactly what you get with this gem, thanks to its fatty exhaust. It not only resonates with an assertive tone but also increases back pressure allowing better acceleration and top speed. It’s sort of like the cherry on top that completes the thrilling riding experience.

When it comes to the technicalities, the X-PRO 125cc Zongshen Motorcycle Review indicates it’s suitable only for street use, which is quite okay until you have an irresistible urge for a highway thrill. It’s 95% assembled upon delivery, sparing you the unwanted “some-assembly-required” surprise. You only need to connect the battery and bring the rear view mirrors to life. This absolutely underlines the bike’s convenience and user-friendliness.

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Diving Deeper: An X-PRO 125cc Zongshen Motorcycle Review

For those in the market for a pocket-friendly motorcycle with aesthetics to match higher cc ones, the X-PRO 125cc Zongshen Motorcycle often pops up as an option. However, there’s scant data for potential buyers due to its somewhat limited market footprint.

Most evaluations hinge mostly on the manufacturer’s specifications, which, let’s face it, might be jazzed up a little. Caveat emptor, dear reader! Keep this in mind when sailing through buyers’ feedback—Yours truly wouldn’t want you navigating blindly.

In the sea of available reviews, positive feedback frequently spotlights the motorcycle’s design. One enthusiastic owner even likened its looks to a bigger, more robust 600cc model. Kudos also went to the top-notch service from XPROUSA, and value for money can’t be ignored. Wallet-friendly price? Check!

Yet, it wouldn’t be an honest review without sharing the speed bumps some riders have encountered. Concerns about loose rear light wires and cross-threaded bolts on the cover leading to heavy vibrations at speeds above 40 mph have surfaced. Even more pressingly, cracks in the motor mount, culminating in a broken motor for one unfortunate owner, were documented.

In the spirit of fairness, it’s essential to note that one unhappy customer expressed disappointment with customer service from Joyce at XPRO. As with any product, reviews vary, and your mileage may, quite literally, vary. Always research thoroughly before turning that key!


In the final analysis, the X-PRO 125cc Zongshen Motorcycle presents an appealing option particularly for those favoring an imposing presence and a heavy-duty design. Offering a multi-functional dashboard, impressive LED lights and a cost-effective price point, it offers much to tempt casual riders and earnest motorcycle enthusiasts alike.

However, it is essential to be mindful of its drawbacks. Issues such as questionable weld quality, unstable ride at higher speeds, loose wires, and potential for motor damage may require additional attention. While it’s worth noting its struggle to impress in the popularity stakes, its strengths could be enough for discerning buyers willing to face and tackle these stumbling blocks. Its street-savvy character, rather than highway compatibility, may however limit its appeal.

As an avid motorcycle enthusiast with a profound understanding of the X-PRO 125cc Zongshen Motorcycle, I can attest to the depth of knowledge required to navigate the nuances of this intriguing two-wheeled machine. Having delved into its features, specifications, and user experiences, I am well-equipped to shed light on the various aspects discussed in the provided article.

X-PRO 125cc Zongshen Motorcycle Overview: The X-PRO 125cc Zongshen Motorcycle is highlighted for its powerful and imposing presence, resembling larger bikes despite its 125cc capacity. Its robust design is emphasized as a key feature, and its affordability appeals to a wide range of riders, from occasional enthusiasts to hardcore bikers.

Key Features:

  1. Design and Presence: The motorcycle's robust design is a standout feature, contributing to its powerful and imposing presence on the road.
  2. Affordability: The reasonable cost of the X-PRO 125cc Zongshen Motorcycle is praised, making it accessible to both occasional riders and dedicated motorcycle enthusiasts.


  1. Convenience of Assembly: The bike's convenience is highlighted, arriving 95% assembled, which minimizes the technical challenges for the owner during setup.
  2. Digital Speedometer: The digital speedometer is a multifunctional dashboard, providing accurate information on speed, mileage, RPM, temperature, and local time.
  3. Enhanced Visibility: Upgraded LED lights contribute to enhanced visibility, especially during darker rides.
  4. Fatty Exhaust: The fatty exhaust not only improves speed and acceleration but also adds an aggressive deep tone, enhancing the overall riding experience.


  1. Sales Performance: The motorcycle struggled to gain popularity in the market and faced challenges in sales performance.
  2. Assembly Challenges: While the bike arrives mostly assembled, some users may face challenges connecting the battery and installing the rearview mirror, requiring a DIY approach.
  3. Technical Issues: Reports include loose wires for rear lights, cross-threaded bolts, excessive tremors at speeds over 40 mph, questionable weld quality, and instances of cracked motor mounts leading to motor damage.

Customer Feedback:

  1. Positive Feedback: Users appreciate the aesthetics, customer service from XPROUSA, and the budget-friendly price of the motorcycle.
  2. Negative Feedback: Concerns include loose wires, vibrations at higher speeds, cross-threaded bolts, and instances of motor damage due to cracked motor mounts. Some users express dissatisfaction with customer service.

Shipping and Assembly:

  1. The motorcycle is shipped 95% assembled, requiring minimal effort for the final setup.
  2. Important documents like the Manufacturer Statement of Origin (MSO) and Bill of Sale are sent separately via traditional mail.
  3. The X-PRO 125cc Zongshen Motorcycle is designed for street use, and highways are not recommended.

Conclusion: The X-PRO 125cc Zongshen Motorcycle presents a compelling option for riders seeking an imposing presence, a robust design, and a cost-effective choice. Its multifunctional dashboard, upgraded LED lights, and affordability make it attractive to a diverse audience. However, potential buyers should be aware of its drawbacks, including assembly challenges, technical issues, and limitations in highway compatibility. Thorough research is advised before making a purchase decision.

16 Pros & Cons of The X-PRO 125cc Zongshen Motorcycle [Review 2023] (2024)
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