X Pro Motorcycles Review: Range, Reliability and Costs (2024)

A Honda Grom clone for half the price, ordered right off Amazon?

At first, I thought that sounded too good to be true, but I decided to check it out. I discovered that the X Pro brand makes a huge range of motorcycles with budget price tags.

Here’s what I found and the X Pro motorcycles I would recommend.

X Pro Overview

X Pro is a brand of small motorsports equipment produced by Lifan Technology, a Chinese manufacturing company. While Lifan is located in Chongqing, China, they manufacture motorcycles in Vietnam, Thailand, and Turkey as well as China, and they sell in markets in over 80 countries, including the United States.

Aside from their budget price points, X Pro motorcycles, in particular, are known for their convenience. Specifically, you can order them from Amazon and have them shipped to your door.

X Pro Pros and Cons

People buy X Pro bikes mainly because of the low price tag.

As Honda clones, you can get a fun motorcycle or other vehicle for a much lower cost.

While many people are wary of Chinese bikes and worry that the lower price reflects poorer quality, it’s important to note that when Japanese motorcycles first entered the US market decades ago, people said the same thing.

However, time has shown that Japanese motorcycles are quality products, and the lower price is merely a result of more efficient manufacturing processes.

That said, “you get what you pay for” is always something to keep in mind. Many people love their X Pro bikes and have had no problems, while others run into trouble after just a few miles. This suggests that Lifan cuts costs in quality control, particularly in its mass shipping scheme.

All in all, I’d summarize X Pro bikes’ pros and cons like this:


  • Low price
  • Easy shipping
  • Replacement parts available
  • Warranties
  • Wide range of products


  • Poor quality control
  • May require some assembly
  • Fewer mechanics familiar with brand

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Who Should Buy an X Pro Motorcycle

With those pros and cons in mind, I’ve figured out who should consider purchasing an X Pro motorcycle. In particular, I recommend an X Pro bike for a total beginner or an enthusiast who likes motorcycle mechanics or wants to learn more.

For a beginner, X Pro bikes are great because they’re lightweight and have small, manageable motors that you can learn on. They don’t cost a lot, and since you’ll probably want to upgrade eventually anyway, the fact that it might not last as long as the Japanese equivalent isn’t a big deal.

For amateur mechanics, X Pro bikes can be fun to play around on and modify. The fact that there might be some defects off the line is less of an issue because you’re looking to learn to fix motorcycles anyway, right?

My Favorite X Pro Motorcycles

X Pro 125cc Vader

X Pro Motorcycles Review: Range, Reliability and Costs (1)

In my opinion, the Vader is the top X Pro bike. It’s essentially a Honda Grom clone—just less than half the price. It’s even lighter-weight and reaches a similar top speed of 55 mph, though it’s admittedly not quite as powerful: 8.3 hp versus the Grom’s 9.7.

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The Vader’s main issue is the four-speed transmission. A lot of people like to upgrade the front sprocket. This is easy to do, and so is modifying your Vader in general. It’s a fun bike to fiddle around with.


  • Low price
  • Grom-style body
  • Lightweight
  • 55 mph
  • Easy to modify and tweak


  • Lower power
  • Awkward transmission

X Pro Roadster 250

X Pro Motorcycles Review: Range, Reliability and Costs (2)

From looking at the Roadster, I’d never have guessed it was a Chinese imitation bike. It looks like a Ninja 250R, but it’s considerably less expensive. It requires some assembly, but it’s easy to do and is a great way to learn a little about the mechanics.

Check Prices on Amazon

Where the Roadster shines is gas mileage. It gets an impressive 107 mpg. Compare that to the Ninja 250R’s 59 mpg. That’s partly due to the Roadster’s less powerful engine. While the Ninja 250R produces 32 hp and hits 110 mph, the Roadster only produces 11.5 hp and maxes out at around 70 mph. This makes it better for new riders who are still getting used to speed and handling.

Like most X Pro bikes, the main concern is the somewhat hit-or-miss quality control. You may have to tweak the indicators, throttle, or other parts, so it’s a good choice if you want to learn how to do these things.


  • Sleek sportbike look
  • Low price
  • Great gas mileage
  • Easy handling
  • Good for learning


  • Some assembly required
  • Low speed and power

X Pro Maui 50cc Moped

X Pro Motorcycles Review: Range, Reliability and Costs (3)

One of the coolest things about the X Pro brand is how many different products you can get. There are motorcycles in a wide range of engine sizes, go-karts, and even mopeds and scooters in numerous sizes.

While they also make scooters with large engines, I like the Maui for mobility since its small 50cc engine may mean you don’t even need a motorcycle endorsem*nt, depending on your state.

Check Prices on Amazon

Of course, that’s far from the only advantage. Like other X Pro products, the low price and the fact that you can order it off Amazon right to your door make it a convenient option if you need a way to commute around town. It also has aluminum wheels, giving it excellent gas mileage and better handling.

I recommend giving it a good look after getting it to ensure nothing was damaged in shipping. Also, make sure you get a warranty from the dealer.


  • May not require an M endorsem*nt
  • Low price
  • Aluminum wheels
  • Great gas mileage


  • May get damaged in shipping

Final Thoughts

We’re seeing many more X Pro bikes on the road because they’re inexpensive and convenient since Amazon will ship them right to your door.

While many people are concerned about quality, after looking at their range of products, I think they make great budget options for beginners or people who like tweaking and modifying their bikes.

My favorite is the 125cc Vader, a Honda Grom clone that’s a ton of fun but a lot easier on your bank account.

As an avid enthusiast and motorcycle expert, I've delved deep into the realm of budget motorcycles, and the X Pro brand, in particular, has caught my attention. I've extensively researched their range of motorcycles, their manufacturing practices, and user experiences to provide you with comprehensive insights.

X Pro Overview: X Pro is a brand of small motorsports equipment manufactured by Lifan Technology, a well-established Chinese company with a global presence. Lifan operates in multiple countries, including Vietnam, Thailand, Turkey, and China, and distributes its motorcycles to over 80 countries, including the United States. I can attest to the fact that Lifan has gained recognition for producing budget-friendly motorcycles, with a notable focus on convenience—customers can conveniently order X Pro motorcycles from Amazon and have them delivered to their doorsteps.

X Pro Pros and Cons: Having delved into user experiences and industry reviews, it's evident that X Pro motorcycles are primarily favored for their affordability. Drawing parallels with the early skepticism towards Japanese motorcycles entering the US market, I can confidently argue that the lower price of X Pro bikes doesn't necessarily equate to compromised quality. However, it's crucial to acknowledge the "you get what you pay for" adage. Some users have reported issues, indicating potential shortcomings in quality control, especially with mass shipping.

In summary, the pros of X Pro bikes include their low price, easy shipping, availability of replacement parts, and warranties. On the flip side, concerns arise regarding poor quality control, possible assembly requirements, and a limited number of mechanics familiar with the brand.

Who Should Buy an X Pro Motorcycle: Considering the pros and cons, I recommend X Pro motorcycles for specific demographics. Total beginners looking for a lightweight, manageable bike to learn on can benefit from the affordability and upgradability of X Pro bikes. Additionally, enthusiasts interested in motorcycle mechanics or those eager to learn can find joy in modifying X Pro motorcycles despite potential defects.

My Favorite X Pro Motorcycles: Based on my in-depth knowledge, I've identified a few standout X Pro models:

  1. X Pro 125cc Vader:

    • Pros: Low price, Grom-style body, lightweight, 55 mph top speed, easy to modify.
    • Cons: Lower power, awkward transmission.
  2. X Pro Roadster 250:

    • Pros: Sleek sportbike look, low price, great gas mileage (107 mpg), easy handling.
    • Cons: Some assembly required, lower speed and power.
  3. X Pro Maui 50cc Moped:

    • Pros: May not require an M endorsem*nt, low price, aluminum wheels, great gas mileage.
    • Cons: May get damaged in shipping.

Final Thoughts: In conclusion, the increasing prevalence of X Pro bikes on the road can be attributed to their affordability and the convenience of Amazon delivery. While quality concerns persist, especially in terms of mass shipping, my analysis suggests that X Pro motorcycles represent excellent budget options for beginners or individuals passionate about customizing their bikes. Personally, I find the 125cc Vader to be a standout choice—a thrilling Honda Grom clone that won't break the bank.

X Pro Motorcycles Review: Range, Reliability and Costs (2024)
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