40 Delicious Cooking For A Crowd Recipes (2024)

40 Delicious Cooking For A Crowd Recipes (1)40 Delicious Cooking For A Crowd Recipes (2)40 Cooking For a Crowd Recipes

Like it or not, at some point, you’re going to need cooking for a crowd recipes. You may have a large family or regularly host out-of-town guests. You may (frequently or infrequently) entertain friends, family members, neighbors, or business associates. In addition, there are all of those holiday gatherings to consider. See what I mean? Every adult should have a Rolodex of cooking for a crowd recipes.

The right cooking for a crowd recipes can make a nerve racking experience actually enjoyable. They can save you money, time, and irritation. Seriously. The right cooking for a crowd recipes can accomplish a lot.
40 Delicious Cooking For A Crowd Recipes (3)
Here are 40 of my favorite cooking for a crowd recipes that’ll help you bulk up your Rolodex!

For more cooking for a crowd recipes, be sure to follow Freebie Finding Mom’s Easy Family Meals on a Budget Pinterest boardand read 39 Cheap Meals for Large Families!

Cooking For a CrowdBreakfast Recipes

40 Delicious Cooking For A Crowd Recipes (4)

1.Easy Breakfast Pizza(Freebie Finding Mom) – Who says pizza isn’t for breakfast? This cooking for a crowd recipe is amazing! First off, you can customize it to fit anyone’s tastes by leaving off (or adding) specific toppings which means it’s perfect for picky eaters. Second, the little ones will be entertained (at least momentarily) if you let them decorate their own breakfast pizza.

2.Crockpot Banana Nut Oatmeal(Freebie Finding Mom) – When you’re cooking for a crowd and have limited time, a crockpot is your secret weapon. Start this recipe the night before and wake up to the delicious scents of cinnamon, banana, and oats! Tip: If you’re having a particularly large breakfast gathering, borrow someone else’s crockpot and double this recipe.

3.Coconut Oil Granola(Freebie Finding Mom) – I love to make this cooking for a crowd recipe for my family because it’s so darn good they don’t even realize it is good for them.

4.Orange Pecan Baked French Toast(The Worktop) – Here’s a twist on French toast you won’t soon forget! I’m not sure what’s better… the taste of this delicious dish or the smell of it cooking. Trust me, everyone will be asking you for the recipe.

5.Farmers’ Market Overnight Breakfast Egg Casserole(Two Healthy Kitchens)– Got a busy morning ahead of you? If so, this “make-ahead” cooking for a crowd recipe should be your go to dish. You can prep the whole thing the night before so your morning is wide open.

Cooking For a Crowd Entree Recipes

40 Delicious Cooking For A Crowd Recipes (5)

6.Crockpot Turkey Chili(Freebie Finding Mom) – Whether you’re tailgating or just making your family a cozy (and secretly healthy) dinner, this quick and easy crockpot recipe is the prefect thing for fall.

7.The Best Grilled Chicken(Freebie Finding Mom) – This is one of my absolute favorite cooking for a crowd recipes. Based on the incredible chicken from Versailles Poultry Days, this unforgettable dish will be in high demand at your house.

8.Mexican Quinoa(Freebie Finding Mom) – Tired of the same old same old dishes at family dinners and company pot lucks? This tasty quinoa dish is sure to spice things up! Make a big ‘ol batch of this, freeze what you don’t eat, and reheat at a later date. It’ll taste just as good (if not better) the second time around.

9.How to Cook a Whole Chicken in a Crockpot(Freebie Finding Mom) – This is a real cooking for a crowd recipe! Thanks to your secret weapon (the crockpot), you can cook up a whole delicious chicken with very little effort.

10.Friendship Bean Soup(Freebie Finding Mom) – Looking for a heartfelt, frugal, and out-of-the-box gift idea? Look no further! This gift is perfect for any occasion (especially “get well soon” situations), and sure to be appreciated by the receiver.

11.Easy Salsa Verde Chicken Enchiladas(Living Sweet Moments) – With a prep time of just 15 minutes, this cooking for a crowd recipe is perfect when you need something yummy (and cheesy) fast!

12.Southwest Skillet Chicken and Rice(Living Sweet Moments) – 30 minutes and one pot are all you need to concoct this southwest sensation. This cooking for a crowd recipe is great for hectic weeknights but also “fancy” enough for having guests over.

13.Buffalo Chicken Wing Soup(Ann’s Entitled Life) – It’s soup season; celebrate with a zesty, richly flavored soup your family will beg for again and again.

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40 Delicious Cooking For A Crowd Recipes (2024)
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